Lush Whoosh Jelly Review

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I have never used any Lush products before, the stores have always been enticing but also overwhelming at the same time. Although I had heard extremely cool things about their products from friends and fellow bloggers online. But, when I try to walk in the concoction of smells freak me out. 

December last year I received a Christmas gift pack from Renee (thank you love) and I finally got to try out their products. There were four products in the pack, but I have only used the Lush Whoosh Jelly. 

Specs of LUSH (for newbies like me)

As this was a gift and I still haven't been in store, I have done some small research on Lush online (alas the internet is the best!)
Lush products are produced in Sydney, contrary to other companies - they are not mass-produced. There is an element of TLC with stickers of who made the product and on which day. The aim is for the product to be made from the products that are as natural as possible, in turn there is also no need for animal testing.


Whoosh! is a jelly texture, vibrant green in colour and quite frankly looked slightly edible to me! It is created to be a shower jelly that aims to renew your focus when you are tired, jet lagged or revising for exams.

I love it because... 

- Its JELLY!
Ok. Now that I have that out of my system. It is so damn cute, I have never showered with jelly, it is so weird but so awesome at the same time. At first I must admit I was a little confused as to how I would use this jelly on my body, I attempted pinching it apart so it fell in small bits, and then I gave up, flipped the container over and just used the jelly as a whole.

- It smells amazing
When you open the container instantly you become stimulated by the mixture of lemon and lime. It definitely lives up to its expectations,  it is so refreshing, and I have been using Whoosh on a daily basis in the morning as a wake me up. After that I feel energised and ready to conquer the world.

- Whoosh is great for hair and scalp
So it really is an all in one, if your at the beach you can just throw in your tub of Whoosh and you are good to go. Body. Hair. Taken care of.

- It says "Stroke out wobbly bits over your wobbly bits in the shower"
I just laughed when I read this. Yes - we all have wobbly bits 

I dislike it because...

- It's JELLY!
Yes, that was also something I loved, but i also don't like it because I am a little bit uncoordinated, I probably drop and pick it up off my shower floor more than 4 times each morning. It is so fun and wobbly, but on the mornings I am in a rush it is not the most efficient way to shower.
When I become more co-ordinated this will not be a dislike!

Ingredients Listing (credits to LUSH) ; 

Can be purchased from LUSH (online and in store)

What LUSH products do you use and love? 


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  1. Ahhh, if only there is a LUSH store near me... I could get to experience this jelly for myself!

    1. Awww you gotta venture over to a LUSH store one day, it is tones of fun and takes alot of self restraint when I am in there!
      haha but you can always go online :)