Happy Valentines Day!

8:39:00 PM

To be honest, Valentines is not really a big deal with Superman and I. His birthday is just before and our annual anniversary celebration is just after. So it is abit of an overkill to celebrate three massive things in a short period of time! So we try to keep is simple.

There are many different versions of how Valentines day came about, some say it was Hallmark made, others believe it was because of a priest called Valentine during Roman times. Furthermore with stories in from Europe during the Middle Ages where it was customary to choose a Valentine. Others also believed that birds picked their mates on February the 14th.
Regardless for me, before Superman or now dating Superman I have always celebrated Valentines Day, it was always just a nice excuse to get together with close friends, dress up be silly and eat chocolate.
Of course like every year I saw an abundance of pre-Valentines posts by fellow bloggers and I was so excited to try them out (especially the nail art inspirations) but of course I ran out of time. Just like every other year.


However my views on love still has no changed, there is no need to choose one special day to tell the one you love how much you care about them. Because life is short and we should take every opportunity possible to let them know that you love them.

Thank You Superman for always complimenting my life and making it awesome! 

I hope everyone enjoyed February 14th. 
Happy Valentines Day! 


p.s  "Have Faith" necklace in the pictures can be purchased from Skachi!  

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  1. Nawws so sweet, you and your boyfriend!
    Seems like you had an amazing Valentines day ^_^
    Btw, your new blog design is looking great, i like it~


    1. Aww thanks FiFi! Happy Valentines Day to you as well!

      I am glad you like the blog design ^^, I am trying really hard to be consistent with blogging it is so much fun, but alot of work as well sometimes. Do you mind me asking, how long have been blogged for now?