It's a lavender kind of day...

4:18:00 AM

We have been redecorating our house (my parents house to be exact), it is so exciting because it has literally been decades since we have been bothered to do anything around the house. It has been a really exciting journey because me and Superman always talk about the "7th Heaven House" that we want to build, and how I wanted most things to be white and have the room always filled with beautiful fresh flowers!

p.s more details about the redeco and the "7th Heaven House" in future posts. 

As a girl on a budget (serious serious budget) I really don't have the luxury of purchasing flowers every week for the house - as amazing and beautiful and gorgeous smelling as it is - I simply would rather that money saved up in my account, rather than on my dining table, in my room, in the kitchen etc etc (even though I would love to). 

So I took matter into my own hands, without any gardening knowledge - apart from soil, water and seeds - I went to Bunnings in search for my lavender seeds, got some soil (recommended by staff) and then went home excited and ready to plant!

I filled up a rectangular pot, with the water draining function at the bottom, filled it with my new soil, sprinkled my lavender seeds loosely across the soil and topped up with approx 5 cm of soil.
Overall it was a 15 to 20 min job, but it was alot of fun! I can't remember the last time I had been in the backyard!
Of course my cutie Zero was really excited and confused as to what I was doing, but she stuck around to keep me company! I cannot wait to see the seeds start to grow, and I have even written in my diary to remind myself to water it daily!

Wishing my Lavenders grow tall and beautiful! 

Do you have a green thumb? 
OR tips on growing lavender? 


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