CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish

1:53:00 AM

I am officially on a nail polish ban! For kk this year I received 15 Sally Hansen nail polish's and I am officially banning myself. I love buying nail polish but never get the chance to use it more than 3 or 4 times!
While preparing for Jessica's birthday party on Friday night, I decided to rummage through my collection of nail polish's and found  these two gems in the box.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant - 190 Red Wine & 230 Golden Opportunity 

The shape of the bottle is easy to hold on application, the consistency of the nail polish is smooth and glides on easily. The design of the brush is slim and easy to apply, only requiring two of three non-ovelapping strokes to fill the nail with colour.

I did find that this does require a top coat for it to be shiny and pretty. I really love having an accented nail on the fourth finger so I decided a french manicure style with 230 Golden Opportunity. Keeping the look simple but with a little bit of detail.

I am a super clumsy person and have had to open heaps of jars since I first painted it, so my picture of my nails today are not as pretty as they were when I had first completed it!
I used only one coat of nail polish for 100% opaque coverage and a coat of top coat to ensure shininess of colour.

I love that the colour is bright, but not an overwhelming bright red, a deep wine red is so gorgeous and subtle. The colour of Golden Opportunity is gorgeous, the consistency is high and the glitter is bright. It is also not difficult to remove like some glitter nail polishes.

One thing I would say about the CoverGirl nail polish is that the brush is short and I doubt when I have used half of the nail polish that the brush will be able to


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