Melbournes White Night.

4:19:00 AM

This is a little delayed, but Melbourne White Night is definitely something I want to blog about. This is from memory the second White Night that Melbourne has experienced,  but my first White Night.
I don't know where the idea came from, or why it happens, but it was so awesome.

I don't think I have ever seen so many people out and about in Melbourne before! There were heaps of modern light projections, random displays and lots of street performers as entertainment. At one point in time we had to hold hands in a chain so we didn't loose sight of each other - just like we were in primary school!

From gold fish chalk drawings near Movida, to disco ball light projections on little collins, to scary goblin at South Bank and awesome live concerts near RMIT. There was purple rain at old Melbourne goal and food trucks along Flinders Street station.
The effort into this free night was amazing and I really appreciate such a good opportunity for a night out!

If you are in Melbourne next year for White Night, I definitely recommend planning ahead and arriving with your friends and to park at the fringe of the city and walk in!


Apologises for the blurry pics, my camera is currently in HK and I only have my iPhone!

Have a lovely week guys! 


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