Opportunity Alert! iBuyBeauti are seeking 10 bloggers!

5:05:00 AM

Opportunity Ahead!
iBuyBeauti are looking for 10 awesome bloggers.

I am extremely new to the blogging scene, however I have seen several posts about iBuyBeauti's hunt for 10 awesome bloggers to conduct reviews on products that are sold on their store.
iBuyBeauti is a Korean based online store dedicated to allowing korean cosmetics to be enjoyed by the likes of you and me outside of Korea! With its vast array of product selections, they are now looking for 10 bloggers to collaborate with, main duties include writing reviews on their BeautiFan blog, allowing buyers to have a better indication of a products suitability.

For me, I don't have much experience in blogging, nor do I know many (if at all) of the blogging online community. However, I do believe when an opporuntiy presents itself, there is no reason not to try! 

Please send the following details to beautifanblog@gmail.com with the following details:
Name, age, country, email, blog address, skin type, your best beauty review link, brief introduction of yourself. 
Ensure you send on or before 18/02/2014. Winners announced on 20/02/2014. 

This is the banner that is currently being circulated. 

Good Luck my fellow bloggers!


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