Shopping Review; The Iconic

3:59:00 AM

I finally purchased something off The Iconic!
I have heard so many radio ads about them and they are everything they say they are - I must say I was very impressed.

It was a very nice surprise receiving the item in the office. It came up an envelope like package with material made of bubbles. It was so chic and exciting! I walked from the door back to my desk holding onto the handle and all my work colleagues were so excited for me as well!

The  clothing came packaged in individual bags - this is because The Iconic sells different brands and each brand would have their own unique packaging. As long as you keep the original packaging and the tags on the dresses, there is still 100 days available for the purpose of returns.
I believe that there is an option of a full refund or alternatively 110% store credit! It is great knowing they accept returns because this decreases the anxiety associated with purchasing things that are unflattering.

I purchased two dresses, both with work in mind. Firstly is the pink, sits right above knee with pearl detailing on the collar. The second is electric blue with detail (flare) near the bottom of the dress, sits slightly above the knee.

The Iconic is such a fantastic website! The speed at which the goods were packed and posted meant within 48 hours you would generally receive the goods - if you are in the city there is an option to pay a little bit extra for 4 hour delivery! Ad hoc/emergency needs for a new outfit - Solved!
Apart from the speed of the service obtained, the two dresses I received were both of excellent quality - not even a thread out of place!

Overall my first experience with The Iconic has been a fantastic one! I would re-buy from this website over and over and over again if I were not on a budget!

If you are looking to purchase from The Iconic, I believe this code is valid for an additional 20% sale items!
code: AUSDAY20

What is your favourite online shopping site ?

p.s This post is not sponsored. 

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  1. Wow your purchase looks great~ Do they ship internationally? Btw the pink one is cute!
    Love, Jenny

  2. ahh that bag looks pretty unique ^^ and your purchases are very nice and clean looking. soo sweet looking and colourful, it makes me feel exciting about spring!!!

    A C Y H O Z - blog