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Happy Australia Day Everyone! 

Hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful long weekend as well as being proud Aussies! As part of my weekend, I went on a double date with my bestie to the Royal Croquet Club. It's a food/music festival held near the Yarra River filled with awesome food truck options, good atmosphere and the opportunity to show the world how awesome your Croquet skills really are!!
P.S our boys sure dressed the part too! 

My absolute favourite part of going to these foodie festivals is definitely dessert! And the Croquet theme was nice and strong - absolutely beautiful marketing from Messina's gelato for servicing up their ice cream in Campbell's soup can styles (extremely popular back when croquet was extremely popular too!) Le bf and I could not resist and went to Faux Pho (lychee gelato with chilli cashew crunch) and Zuppa Dupaa (hazelnut gelato with pistachio).

I have been very in touch with my creative side lately, as my parentals are currently in the process of redecorating the house - and the opportunities just seem endless! So when I saw the soup cans, I instantly thought it was a perfect Interior styling opportunity!

Its is very simple;
1) Clean out the can to rid of any ice cream residual (you don't want ants running up your table!! elk)
2) Place in small rocks and pebbles at the bottom
3) Add potting mix / soil to fill in the gaps between the rocks / pebbles
4) Plant your desired greenery - I have used succulents as I know that it is low maintenance, requires little water and space. Go for baby plants to allow it to grow into your space!!

I love a simple DIY that just adds so much warmth and life to a room. Even though it is little, it definitely has a nice impact on the space. Would look nice on bedside tables, and even work spaces - after all green is proven to relief the eyes from the strain of viewing electronic screens (tv, phones, laptops) over a long duration.

What are everyones thoughts on DIYs for interior spaces? 
What is your favourite DIY project? 


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  1. ahh the boys are well dressed~!! and your DIY is way too cute. I love this style ^^ And I also really miss summer omg >.< It has recently snowed a bit in my country. ;_;

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  2. It looks so cute~~ What a great idea! :)
    Love, Jenny