Bring On 2015! Resolutions and All!

5:29:00 AM

The year flew by in a blink of an eye! Can't believe 2015 awaits just around the corner, and as per tradition… here are my resolutions!

1) Be Healthy! 

When I was younger I really did feel invincible - nothing could break me, slow me down or change my mind. But slowly but surely I begin to understand that it doesn't matter how much money you have, or how much you have put into your career - without a healthy body you are nothing.

Gym regime will continue on and this year I am determined to have abs! Girl abs here I come! #BennyFitness

2) Stay In Touch - Reconnect! 

Everyone is going about their busy lives, its so difficult to stay connected with loved ones.
The number of time you see your friends and family starts to dwindle as everyday life takes over, in this day and age keeping in touch with technology has made it so much easier.
But it also takes away from human interaction - I hope 2015 will bring on more memories that does not necessarily need to be shared on social media to be deems memorable. I hope to spend more time talking at dinner, rather than eating and being on our phones.

3) Achieve a Career Milestone! 

It has been officially 4 months since I joined my new team, it started off as a great chance, an opportunity - a stroke of luck. But right now, I really wish to show myself, and everyone else who believed in me that I am capable. And all those expectations, hopes, and support my work mates, manager, family and friends have provided me was worth it.

4) Enjoy Life!

Apart from doing well in my banking career, I also hope to have a life! Getting the balance right - being productive at work, leaving on time and enjoying life outside of work.
Taking zero bb for a walk… watching the sunset… going on day trips… brunch with the bf's…  eat until you have a food baby!

5) Seize the Day! 

Too often, it is easy to live for the future. While thinking about the past and what could be done differently. Unfortunately forgetting the present.
Hope to live in the present in 2015 and to remember to Seize the Day!

2015 - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

What are your 2015 New Years Resolutions? 


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  1. You made some great resolutions! Good luck on them c:

  2. Thanks Jenny! I hope I can keep up with them nicely this year!