USA + HK Cosmetic Haul

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First day of Spring has arrived in Melbourne, and I thought I would have been able to go out and take pics of my haul, but Melbourne has proved itself to be Melbourne - with the first day of Spring filled with freezing and rainy days. 
But alas! the weather has cleared and it was absolutely beautiful today. So here is my haul!

I mainly went crazy in Sephora because we don't have it here in Melbourne. I actually thought I would be able to pick up some cheap drugstore type cosmetic products at the likes of Walmart and large pharmacies, but they proved not as impressive as I had thought. Very similar to what is on offer with the ever improving Priceline. 

So I got bait confused (it has been about a month since I have been back) because I couldnt remember what I had purchased where. And therefore some Hong Kong products were photographed in the haul as well. In Hong Kong I mainly purchased at SaSa and Bonjour. With the exception of 3CE products which were purchased at the speciality retailers (NaNa Style) stores themselves. 

So here it goes. Word of warning; this post is picture heavy. But, hope you enjoy! 

Urban Decay  - Naked 3 

So, I am not really into eye shadow because I am terrible at it! However I could not pass up on the chance to purchase it and give it a go! Will let you guys know what I think about it…. when I find an occasion to experiment! 

Make Up Forever HD - Starter Pack 

I already had my eye set on a Make Up Forever HD foundation as it was recommended to me by heaps of friends.  I walked into Sephora, elated and excited (first time in Sephora! Come on!!) and I went straight to it.
A make up artist/sales girl called Vy helped my match my colour, she used a cool machine to take pictures of my skin pigments and then the system automatically matched me to the colours and brands that would suit me.
Therefore, I have been using it everyday since, because it is THE perfect foundation match! Review to come.

Benefit Cosmetics - Watts Up; Fake Up; the PORE-fessional

I have never ever purchased or even felt Benefit products at the counter. It just seemed so over the top and it was a little expensive for me (pre-full time job).  But I had done my homework and found it was alot cheaper in America! So I dived right in, with a concealer, a highlighter and a pore minimiser. 


Lipsticks Galore - Milani; Maybelline; 

These were just random purchases at CPharmcy in Vegas, because it was so hot we could not walk on the streets anymore. Walked into the Pharmacy and just had fun with the drug store cosmetics available. 
I purchased a few lipsticks for my girlfriends, but unfortunately forget to take product pics before i gifted it away! 

3 Concept Eyes - Glossing Waterful Foundation; Pore Velvet Primer; Full Cover Concealer; 

I knew I had to get my hand on these, or at least have a feel of the products in the NaNa Style stores in Hong Kong, I had even researched the location of the speciality stores prior to arriving in Hong Kong (Very keen I know!); but I just had to have the satisfaction of knowing what all that hype was about! 
Had a feel of the products, an awkward exchange with the sale-person (because sometimes cantonese does not always come out of my mouth when I want it to) - I ended up with these three products! 
If I had not been so cash strapped (because I spent everything in the USA) I would have purchased more to try, but three staple items was good enough to keep my happy! 

SunPlay - Body Mist; Sunscreen Milk; 

Need I say more? We all need sunscreen, and this kept me from getting sunburnt in the USA. Just had to top up!
If you need for convincing, I can show you a picture of my boyfriend (Superman)'s ridiculous tan line - only by request… because he might quite possibly murder me if it is public!!

Annie's Way - Calendula Softening Jelly Mask; Aloe Anti-Acne Jelly Mask; Snail Brightening Jelly Mask; 

I am sure everyone has heard the crazy crazy hype about Annie's Way Jelly Mask, I was no different, so desperate to try it! Could not find it on sale online (or simply did not know where to go!), however I looked it up online prior to Hong Kong, and grabbed these at Citi!Super. I actually purchased 3, however one was in the bathroom and I totally forgot about it when I went out to shoot these pictures!

I have started using the jelly masks, and it makes my skin feel so nice and soft after I use it! Review for this product later on! It is about on par with the Hanaka Charcoal Face Mask I reviewed a couple of months ago.

Too Cool For School - Egg Mousse Pack 

I have no idea what it is for, but it was labelled "Popular Korean" and it was on sale…
I will let you guys know how it goes.

YA-MAN - Ionising Cleanser 

This was Mummy's spurge, she wanted a facial cleansers so we started looking at Pro-Bling and my Philips Visapure. But we found no use purchasing two of the same thing, since she liked my one. 
After alot of searching we discovered the "newest" thing, where it uses ions to draw dirt from deeper surfaces of your skin up to the top, and eventually over time, things like black heads and white heads surface. 
Moreover it has different functions on it, the only one I have used so far is called Moist where it assists the skin in absorbing product. For example if you were using a face mask, it ensures that the serum is absorbed into the skin. 
So far, I am abit confused as to what it does. I will have to try consistently over a period of time to see the results and pinpoint what exactly it does. 

I warned you! It was a massive post, but I am glad I finally did it! Hopefully I will be able to have more time for blogging since everything at work is starting to settle.
BTW -  The Benny Fitness Challenge is still continuing, updates on that soon! 

Lovely to be back guys! 


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  1. Oh wow, I didn't know benefit was cheaper here, but I guess it makes sense since they were founded in San Fran. I guess I never thought about it lol. Great haul, I need to get my hands on the Naked 3 because it's been on my wishlist for almost a year.

    Sierra Calah ♥ @ItsBerryStylish

    1. It is alot cheaper in the USA, everything associated with cosmetics is massively marked up in Australia!

      I haven't tried the Naked 3 palette yet, but I have heard amazing things about it :)

  2. That urban decay pallet looks so beautiful! I've always wanted to get my hands on one but they're so expensive in the UK. Great haul love!

    1. It is s gorgeous! Who knew make up could be so damn pretty. I had a slight play with the colours by swiping it with a finger and the sparkle in the colour is so pretty.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  3. would love a review on the 3CE things! we're heading to hong kong in a months time and are getting our wishlists prepped up for it :D

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

    1. How exciting! I hope you guys have lots of fun in Hong Kong!
      I completed a review on the 3CE products, but unfortunately (I have no idea how I managed!) I lost the primer before I even got a chance to use it!
      I really love the full cover concealer and would really recommend it! I hope that helps :)

  4. Such a gorgeous haul! ^ ^

    1. awww thank you!
      I purchased things here and there along the way and ended up with so much! Can't wait to use everything!

  5. Great haul :) Today I purchased a lot of products online and I can't wait to try them out c: