The Benny Fitness Challenge - Update.

5:46:00 AM

The Benny Fitness Challenge started in May, looking back when I completed the first post I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was overly optimistic and probably unrealistic as well.

However now I can bravely and shameless say - I am doing well on this challenge. 
I have learnt what works for me, and learnt to enjoy the process without thinking too much about the unrealistic stereotypes and results.

At the start I listened to everything and anything anyone had to say about being fit. But I soon realised that what works for other people, or what other people think works might not necessarily work well with my lifestyle. 
I started with doing things I wasn't really comfortable with and I didn't really enjoy. Someone said Les Mills Pump class built muscle which burnt more calories and so I scheduled in Pump class every week - but for me, I don't really enjoy doing weights but I went to the classes anyone.
Someone else said that running on the treadmill didn't burn even burn enough calories to cover one small meal and that it was a waste of time - and so I cut out running all together because I wanted to do things that were more efficient with loosing weight.
And from then my mentality slowly changed from wanting to be more fit to wanting to loose weights not he scale and wanting to be skinning. Of course, because I was doing things that I didn't really enjoy I started to go from 3 sessions a week to 0 sessions a week.

However, I finally realised a fitness challenge was only effective and motivating if you do things that you love. Finding a balance between work, play and fitness. It really is a lifestyle change, not a a temporary fix.

Here is my routine, changed from doing things everyone else said was good, but doing things I enjoy!

MONDAY:              Endurance Run + Circuit 
TUESDAY:             Body Balance 
WEDNESDAY:      Rest Day 
THURSDAY:          Body Balance 
FRIDAY:                 Rest Day 
SATURDAY:          Rest Day / Endurance Run + Abs Exercises 
SUNDAY:               Endurance Run + Abs Exercises

It looks hectic, but I never stay more than an hour like I used to. I find that consistent exercising is better then making myself stay in the gym for ages at a time. It was so draining, and I lost so much of my night! 

From all of this, I realised the importance to doing things that you love and enjoy, because it is not a gruelling task if you enjoy it! Embracing a lifestyle change and finding a new tempo has never been so fun!

Good Luck Everyone! 
The Benny Fitness Challenge Continues! 
Girly Abs Here I Come!! 


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