Fun Packed Sunday! Colour Run + Beautiful Wedding!

4:08:00 AM

I have been excited about the Colour Run since this time last year when I missed out on the registration! I started to really love going to charity runs because each time is an experience and an accomplishment, my first ever was the Melbourne Run, and since then I have tried my best to join and train whenever I can to run.
My aim is to be able to do a half marathon by this time next year - it sounds like a really long time to train, but realistic goals are better then unachievable ones!

The Colour Run is often deemed as the craziest most fun you will have in 5km's- and I agree completely!! However under all the fun it is nice to know that it supports a charity founded by Swisse whom founded the Celebrate Life Foundation, which supports and manages the contributions from the even to the nominated charities across Australia.
I call this "Party for a Purpose!" Have fun with friends, Support a charity! Its definitely a win win situation.

Behold the BEFORE pics with crisp white tshirts!

and then the AFTER pictures... haha I love that you can just see how much incredible fun everyone have! 
Side Note; I made a conscious effort to be extremely pink by the end of it!! Thank you to the lovely girl at PINK  station whom showered me in pink!! haha

Who Loves Pink?! 
Who Loves Charity Runs?! 


p.s I truly believe in "Party With A Purpose!"
the next event I have my eye on is the Neon Run  @ Albert Park, Supporting Beyond Blue! 
Instead of spending $50 at a club why not grab your mates, have fun and help a charity!

Check it Out! 

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  1. Oh wow, how fun!! I've always wanted to enter the colour run but none of my friends will go with me haha! Looks like you had a really great time ^_^
    It's great that you're running knowing it's for a good cause hehe :)


    1. You should definitely try it out! Put it on your bucket list! Doesn't even feel like 5km!
      Fun and a good cause - what more can one ask for! :)