3CE; Glossing Waterful Foundation and Full Cover Concealer Review.

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I have been meaning to complete a review on the 3 Concept Products I purchased when I was in Hong Kong about 2 months ago. 

This is the first time I have ever purchased anything from them, I went to the Style Nana store located in Langham. They had really fashionable korean clothing, jewellery and 3CE make up counter. I was there exploring all their eye shadow colours and trying (desperately) to choose one nail polish to purchase and trying out their foundations and concealers. While I was there, I heard heaps of girls say, yea so this is that brand, the one everyone is talking about… etc.. So I guess there are plenty of people like me who have heard awesome things about the brand and are curious to try. 

The girl at the counter showed me two foundations, one was the waterfall and the other was a little heavier coverage, I was afraid it will be dried on my combination skin (especially round the eyes and cheeks area) so I ended up purchasing the following: 

1) 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation 
2) 3CE Full Cover Concealer
3) 3CE Pore Velvet Primer (I lost this before I could try it!!! So devastated!)

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation 

What I liked… 

 Coverage is light, good for creating a nude look or creating the illusion of having naturally flawless skin.

- The product is easy to blend, and does not require more then a AUD 5 cent worth of product for the entire face.

- The foundation is workable, and second layer can be applied to build coverage. Even after a second layer, I still feel that it is still quite a clean and crisp look.

- It is reasonably priced for the size of the foundation that you get.

What I disliked… 

- As much as I love how it is package, the design is hardly user friendly. It is hard to obtain product once you have gone past the glass suction lid. I can't even ever being able to completely use all the product in the bottle. Which is sad - because I hate wasting product. 

- I feel like sometimes it disappears from my face very quickly. 
Certain foundations gets absorbed into my skin within a matter of hours, so I find that about lunch time I look bait tired and warn out.  I guess it is because of the lightness of the foundation. 

3CE Full Cover Concealer 

What I liked…

- Packaging is pretty, easy to carry around and actually has a lot for what size it is! 
The applicator is small so that even the smallest blemishes can be dotted without being overwhelmed by a large amount of product. 

- Coverage is high, consistency is smooth and extremely workable. 
A small dab will cover dark dark eye circles - and the best thing is it doesn't darker or make the area grey like some other concealers I have tired. 

- I think similar to the foundation it is reasonably price for the quality of product you receive. 

What I disliked… 

- I guess the applicator may be considered a dislike… I just think it may be a little unhygienic to dab the spongey applicator on the face and then back into the tube. 
But, it is a matter of the individual using it, if you really wanted to, you could use a concealer brush to grab the product and periodically wash the concealer brush so you don't contaminate the tube of product. 

Overall, I really really enjoy using the 3 Concept products and it did not disappoint. 
If given the opportunity I would still go back and buy the products. It does assist in giving off a watery, dewy, moisturised look like the pictures on the website. 

I am looking to try out some of their other products now that I have more confidence in their products, maybe even grab one of their cool make up pouches! 

Have you experienced any 3CE products? What product would you recommend? 


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  1. Ohh I would love to try the Glossing Waterful Foundation~ ^ - ^
    But the packaging is quite bulky! ^ w ^


  2. I would love to try the concealor :) Great review again! Btw I followed you on bloglovin! #number6
    Jenny xx