Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

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Some of you may know, that I currently have exams looming over my shoulders and I have just been at home studying with Superman, or at the gym exercising for The Benny Challenge .
But yesterday I took some time out to go to Bounce with my high school friends, thank you Milk for organising such a fun event! It was absolutely amazing fun!! Brought out the kid in everyone! 

So… what is bounce? 
It is basically a building with lots of trampolines inside. With sections for dodgeball games, freestyle jumping trampolines, Performance Trampolines and The Wall (for those with the skills to bounce and walk horizontally on the wall). 
The average age of everyone who walked to was about 10 to 12, but it is for adults and children alike. But to be honest, age shouldn't matter, because it is overall just an amazing experience. 

What are the costs? 
The costs are listed on their website, however I paid AUD$15 which included a pair of Bounce Socks. Which is basically a part of black socks with grips underneath to enhance your experience on trampolines. 

How did you go? 
I like to think I did well, but I basically just jumped really high on the trampolines, and scrambled a few times up the vertical trampolines to sit on top. It took more strength and stamina then I had thought it would take to muck around on a trampoline! We were dead tired after about 10 minutes on the trampolines! 
Superman and the boys ended up doing cool tricks like flipping and bouncing off walls, but I think their favourite was dodgeball. 

Did you know…. Trampoline Benefits. 

1) Cardiovascular Fitness 
So apparently NASA says 10 mins bouncing is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. Yup, I would trust NASA. 

2) Co-ordination and Agility 
I agree with this, it took me a couple of falls before i realised I had to concentrate on balance and being overall co-ordinated. Something I don't do well on flat ground already… 

3) Low Impact Exercise 
The trampolines absorbs alot of the shock from the rebound, the website says about 80%. 

4) Muscle Toning 
Jumping activates the core muscles as you are constantly engaged in keeping stable and balance. Girly abs anyone? (I wish!) 

5) Improve Bone Density 
This is completely off the bounce website, I don't know how this works. But it says, by placing the musculoskeletal system under repeated slight stress while you jump allows your bones to become stronger to cope for the pressures of rebound. 

6) Relieve Stress
I completely agree with this one, I was so stressed about my exams before I went. And afterwards I was just so high on the fun, and it made me so energetic and ready to face the rest of the day! Similar to a good workout at the gym, only with an extra fun element to it! 


Overall, spending an hour on the trampolines with my high school friends was an amazing experience. Mostly because these were people I generally don't get a chance to catch up with, and two because it was a new experience for everyone involved. 
It didn't matter whether you were fit (ahem Superman and Milk) or you were just ok with sports and stuff (Me). It was fun for everyone. We have all been on trampolines when we were kids, and it was massive fun, for there to be a platform where adults, adolescents and kids can just freestyle and jump around and giggle - I think it is a fantastic business idea! 

Left: Superman aka le bf.
Right: Milk (thanks for organising the event!)
Both turned up looking like twins! 

I would definitely return to Bounce, I heard they have something called BounceFit, where it is like a class, and you do your planks and your cardio on a trampoline each! It is unavailable at the moment in the Bounce that is near my house, so I will wait and see. Also consult with my exercise partner B. 
Also Shout Outs to an amazing guy who worked at Bounce who was doing crazy flips and walking vertically up walls and encouraging everyone he saw to just give it a go! 

It is not about how well you do, it is just about how much you try! 

Everybody should get Bouncing! 

Yup. The is how happy you will be after bounce. Oh. So Elegant. of me. (note the sarcasim)


Have you been to Bounce before? 
Or Do you want to try out Bounce? 

p.s Check our their website here. 

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