The Benny Fitness Challenge

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The Benny Fitness Challenge

This is the first time I have spoken about Fitness on my blog, and this is a actually a Challenge that I started nearly a month ago. I have waited a month because I wanted to test my resistance, commitment and motivation prior to speaking about it - because half of it is a mental battle inside. 
So before everyone rolls their eyes and say "Another girl, on another weight loss challenge…" please hear me out. 

So Bec is my best friend, and her significant other recently popped the question and she is now proudly engaged and preparing for her wedding. We decided that the wedding was the biggest motivation for anyone to get up off he couch and exercise - so we created Benny vs World. Benny is basically the nickname we use to have when we were in high school becuase we accidentally finish off each others sentences and think pretty much the same. The wedding is nearly two years away, but we are starting now - because we don't believe starving yourself to get into your wedding dress 6 months prior is as good as initiating a lifestyle change 2 years in advance. 

Here is us from her engagement party… 
Left to Right: Me and Bec 
Left to Right: Me, Bec, Ironman (her fiance), Superman (le bf) --> yes… we are lame with the nicknames

As you can see we aren't what society would call obese or skinny or toned. We are just the average person, and we wanted to get fit. We don't want to loose weight, or starve ourselves or have unrealistic expectations of the female body. No, no, no. 
We want to replace our flabby parts with toned muscles. And we want to have a healthier lifestyle, opting for a fruit rather than the second scoop of ice cream every night. Simple thing like that. 

So here is the challenge: 

Goal 01 - Exercise Minimum of Three Times a Week 

Goal 02 - Eat Healthy, but sometimes junk is ok 

Goal 03 - Stay Motivated

Some of you may be surprised that none of those goals involve how many kgs we want to be, or what size dress we ultimately want to be. 
We conducted some basic research online, and found that achievable small goals worked better than say if the number 1 goal was to be in a size 6 dress comfortably. Goals are meant to be actions that can be taken to achieve, exercising three times a week will eventually lead you to that size 6 dress anyway - why focus on the superficial goals. 

For the past month, with the encouragement of Bec (aka Benny) we have stuck to our goals and achieved even when we were tired after work or it was too cold in the morning to go and exercise. 
We started off by creating a shared drive to match our busy schedules together, we coupled exercise goals along with lifestyle goals which were achievable and simple to do. 

Here is the before pictures… I will keep you guys updated. 

Have you ever been OR Are you on a fitness challenge? 
Any tips for a newbie like myself? 


visit Benny vs World for more details. 

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  1. good luck for your challenge!
    I think the most important part is to be committed with each goal :)

    hope you have amazing weekend!


    1. Thank You!
      Yes, I agree. Commitment is essential! I will keep it in mind on those cold winter mornings that I want to stay in bed instead of heading for my pilates class! haha

      Hope you have a lovely weekend as well :) Thanks for the encouragement!