Shiseido Permanent Hair Straightening

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I recently got my hair permanently straighten because my ex-permed hair was becoming unruly and hard to manage. I really wanted easy to manage hair while preparing for my exams next month and getting ready to travel USA and HK in July! 

So i did some research online for some places in Melbourne for Shiseido Permanent Hair straightening and found Romeo Hair ad Beauty from a Japanese website which had recommended this salon several times! 
I found a deal online where if you go on a weekday from 10am to 1pm, permanent hair straightening (normal chemicals not Shiseido) was $160. This price included a free hit treatment (steam - approx cost AUD $100) and a hair cut (approx cost AUD $30)
I jumped at the opportunity and called them up and made an appointment, however I ended up going with the $250 package with Shiseido chemicals as I had previously bleached the ends of my hair twice - massively damaged. 

Here is the before and after. 

I love it because…

- its a Time Saver 
I wake up and my hair is perfect, I swim and get out of the pool and allow it to naturally dry and its perfect. 

- its Silky Smooth 
It feels amazingly smooth and shiny! Having straight hair means that it creates the illusion of shine as your hair sits in the same direction, while curly hair if not properly prepped looks like wild grass or hair blown through a tornado… not a good look. 

- Everyday is a good hair day
I now always look like I have put in amazing effort into my hair and it is impossible to have a bad hair day! 

I dislike it because… 

- Curling and Waves is difficult 
Waves, curls, beach hair is impossible on straightened hair! Moreover you don't particularly want to curl that $250 dollar worth straightened hair… if you get what I mean 

Service was great, the hairdresser Elly and her assistant were both lovely and I did not feel neglected or rushed when other customers came in like I sometimes do at other places I have been to.  I received a hair mask for free from Elly for my to take better care of my damaged bleached hair. Have yet to try it, but will give it a go maybe next week. 


This is not a sponsored post

If anyone wants to get their hair permanently straightened I would recommended coming here. 
Free treatment and hair cut was definitely worth my 45 min drive in peak hour traffic! 

Romeo Hair & Beauty 
321 Clyton Road Clayton VIC 3168 
TEL: 03 95437755 


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  1. Hi, Penny! Wow, the straightening treatment seemed to really work. I have naturally straight hair, but when I got layers a few years ago I realized that the layers would cause the ends of my hair to flip upwards or at a funny angle. Do you have that problem after you did this treatment?

    -Cindy from A Princess's Guide to Life, Love, & Looks

    1. Thanks Cindy! It worked brilliant and I love having straight hair!
      You are soooo lucky to have naturally straight hair, I do find it has a mind of its own, especially the ends!
      Sometimes when I tie up my hair it doesn't sit nicely because it was straightened to frame my face when it is down. Have you got any tips on how to fix that problem? Apart from hair spray and continuous brushing I haven't thought of anything brilliant unfortunately!

  2. I got my hair chemically straightened at the beginning of the year as well and i totally feel!! It's the most amazing feeling to wake up with dead straight hair and it saves so much time because I don't have to spend forever styling it ^o^
    The new hair really suits you - i love how your previously dyed hair makes an ombre effect now ~


    1. yessss i know exactly what you are talking about! Just having awesome straight hair in the morning makes me smile! haha as lame as that sounds!
      thanks! the ends of my hair is actually quite damaged from the bleaching but I really like ombre! Thanks of the lovely compliment!
      How often do you chemically straighten your hair?

  3. Hi!
    Amazing blog!
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    If so, please let me know, I will follow you back immediately.

    1. Thank You! ^^
      I would love to keep in contact and follow

  4. Thanks heaps! It makes me feel more confident too :)

  5. I love your silky smooth hair! The cost is expensive but it's super worth it! :)


    1. Thank You! I def think the money is worth the results and how long it lasts! :)

  6. great post!
    the result is amazing!
    xoxo Rose

  7. Wow, your hair looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!