My Memebox Arrived! Superbox #2 Restocked.

12:14:00 AM

I purchased my first ever Memebox! Lets take two seconds to do the happy dance~~haha 
I was so excited and ecstatic about receiving a parcel of goodies from Korea (obviously the holy grail of awesome cosmetics and skincare) and I can't wait to share it with you guys! 
I ordered the Superbox #2, restocked version; because two is my favourite number and there were so so so many different boxes to choose from I became overwhelmed and just purchased the first thing I saw.  Superman (aka le bf) asked what I was buying and decided he wanted in on the fun and also purchased a Memebox for Men #2. 

I was super excited when I got a text from Superman to say that the boxes had arrived!We felt a little but like kids on Boxing Day. 

Here is my Superbox Number 2 in pictures. 
Total contents of box; four full sized products. 

I love it because…

- It's a surprise!
There is something super exciting about not knowing what you are going to get! Opening the box is really like Boxing Day. Who doesn't like opening a parcel of make up goodies? 

- Value for money… 
I think this is dependent on whether the products are useful for the individual. However when you do look at the RRP of the items, the cost does add up to be a lot more than the box itself. 
The box provides for an opportunity to try items you may not usually buy 

- Quick Shipping
I  chose the normal shipping and paid $6.99 for shipping and it arrived within a week, I had expected it to take maybe two or three. So the quick delivery was a nice surprise. 

- No commitment required. 
This is not a subscription, therefore there is no commitment. If you like the sounds of the box that month then you can just purchase. Unlike the currently beauty boxes avail in Australia, where a subscription is required (generally costing about AUD $15 +) 

I dislike it because… 

- It's a matter of chance…
I like the surprise element, but the foundation colours or anything associated to foundation/concealer is really a hit and a miss. When purchasing the box, unlike the likes of BellaBox subscriptions there is no mini survey to indicate what coloured skin type you are. If you are unlucky - like my bf, who received whitening cc cream - you have absolutely no use for the product (p.s I have no inherited the cc cream)

- I expected more… 
 I thought I would receive more than four products as it was called the "Superbox", maybe just a few little samples here and there would be nice. But it was just four full sized products which really is playing with statistics… you run the risk of nothing being useful to you. 

- It's addictive… 
The moment you receive a box, you want to purchase another to see what was in it! And I can see this becoming a terrible spiralling habit for those with little self restraint, at USD $39.99 a box, this could be an expensive addiction. (and yes… I am typing this to warn myself not to spend too much money haha)

Overall I would purchase another Memebox because it is just so damn exciting and I am a sucker for pretty packaging and hype. 

Have you purchased any boxes from Memebox? What was your experience like? 


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  1. Wow, I really didn't know that Memebox doesn't require a subscription! I just assumed that it would, like most boxes. (: Maybe I'll order one just to see... The mermaids box with all the pencils in it looks pretty cool and the shades are pretty vibrant based on your swatches! What exactly are they?

    1. Yes! no subscription, just order whatever is in stock - though I must say they go out of stock incredibly quickly.
      The Makeon Mermaid box is eyeliner, and the swatch doesn't do it justice, but its actually glittery and super smooth in consistency. Slides across with no resistance at all! I have never heard of the brand Makeon, but their stuff is pretty cool. :)

  2. I have never tried to purchase this kind of box because I feel like it'd be a waste if I get something that I don't like :S I agree with you, its more like a matter of luck.
    But it's so cute that they have it for men too! I didn't know that ^^


    1. yes this is my first time purchasing one of these boxes, it was all good fun.
      I am super tempted to buy more because it is so exciting to receive parcels, but logic will win and I won't buy it because knowing my luck I will end up with alot of stuff I don't like.
      Super cute that they have ones for men as well!! haha

      thanks for the comment :)

  3. This looks so awesome, I saw CutiePieMarzia with her Q-box and these Asian boxes are always so cool! But I know it is luck each month. So exciting though to get stuff in the post! x
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  4. I agree! I looooveeeeee receiving parcel of goodies!!
    Will check your giveaway and haul :)