UNIQLO Arrives In Australia!

8:51:00 AM

If you have not heard about the opening for Japanese Brand Uniqlo and the newest shopping centre complex Emporium and you live in Melbourne, I can assure you  - you live under a rock!

This was such an exciting thing for Melbourians! Finally fashion is catching up and it no longer has to be fast fashion. Feeling like we finally caught up with the rest of the world. I went to Uniqlo over the Easter weekend with my parents because they obviously wanted to check out and compare it to the items and prices in Asia.
There was a line into Uniqlo, but it was fast moving and took maximum 5 minutes before we got in - alot shorter that the H&M queue. Uniqlo occupies a total of four levels of the Emporium and it is a decent sized shop. It is split into levels associated with kids, mens, womens and then a mixture.

Plenty of staff were on hand, and they were presented immaculately with the same level of service whomever you approach. To be honest I didn't expect any less as this is a Japanese company, and they thrive on politeness and I guess also a standard operating procedure for all staff to follow.

About a year or so ago, I actually went to the interviews for Uniqlo Graduate Position and I could tell that they really pride themselves on having a good plan and being organised. I didn't end up with this lovely company as the timing was not right (I was in Korea on holidays and I didn't see their email until I got back 2 weeks later - so it was a missed opportunity; but I like to view it as - just not meant to be. )
So for me to be interested and apply for the company, I already had a great impression of the brand and company itself.

I purchased another pair of their trusty leggings that were opening specials, normally priced at RRP AUD 29.95 they were on sale for AUD 19.95! I would described them more as jeggings to be honest, because they are the flexibility of leggings - nice and stretchy and comfy - however has the feel and look of real jeans; including two real bum pockers! So they are absolutely awesome and I now have black, electric blue, red and pink from them!
They had other pants that were stretchy but more formal for $29.90, however I preferred to purchase what I knew was good.
Le bf aka Superman loves buying their t-shirts, it doesn't matter whether we are in HK, Korea or Japan, he will just buy t-shirts and shirts. Of course, when we went he purchased a t-shirt inspired by Judo moves. It felt like the t-shirt was designed specifically for him! haha

We didn't stay in there for long, because it was very crowded and slightly clusterphobic to be in because everyone wanted to have a look. And people left right and centre were just trying on jackets, merino and cashmere tops and just grabbing anything that was in site! So we left the cray cray with a restraint purchase of once item.

Although I did discover at Uniqlo an area that specifically sold Ines De La Fressange, which I assume is a french inspired line of clothing. Like its other designs they were simple, basic but quite elegant. I saw quite a lot of middle aged ladies flocking to that area! I had no idea they had this! Learning something new everyday.

I am glad my favourite japanese clothing store Uniqlo has arrived, in the same complex as my second favourite store MUJI, in my now newest favourite shopping centre Emporium.
The bliss of feeling like I am shopping in Asia all in my own backyard. <3

Happy Shopping Guys! 
Has anyone been to checm out the stores at Emporium Melbourne?


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  1. I remember when Uniqlo just came to MY. It was madness! There were long queues everyday for at least a week!

    So sorry but do you think you can leave a comment on my blog without a link? The first one went into spam...

  2. haha it was awesome walking into Uniqlo! But I think my excitement has fizzled a little because of the lines!

    Not a problem! I shall keep a mental note next time I am in your blog :)