The Bare Face Challenge. A Perfect Canvas.

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The Perfect Canvas.

This is about the fifth time I have typed out this post, there are so many important messages I want to convey, but I realised that cannot all be done in one post.
I am on a Bare Face Challenge, it is something I have challenged myself to. It is not the traditional bare face challenge, where you have to go through X amount of days without make up a week.
I am well aware of the self-esteem issues and need for women to portray the images they see in media - the need women feel to be perfect. However, my Bare Face Challenge is not associated with that.

I am seeking a better canvas. Make up works best on a blank clean canvas. That canvas is your face, everyone possesses something amazing and unique (yes even twins do!) We all have different skin types and what works for you, my not work as well for me.
I love make up because, it is fun, a chance to portray a certain feeling, mood and style. I love it! However I have found it doesn't matter how many times or how many amazing products I seek to conceal, cover or contour, it is just not the same if my face is full of pimples, or dry, flaky and bumpy.

So I have put myself on the challenge, to seek a perfect canvas.
I am not changing my facial structure to conform to society's view of "perfect", I am aiming to perfect the canvas I have. In turn I hope, I will become more confident with going bare face, and that I will have a better canvas to work on with make up.

Here is the battle plan. The Bare Face Challenge. 

1. I will be more diligent with my skin 
The moment I arrive home, I will change out of my suit and wash my hands and clear all the make up and dirt off my face from the day.
Skin is wiped of make up, and cleansed with Phillips Visa-Pure facial cleansing brush.
Did you know? 
- Make up clogs pores
- Environmental pollutants will damage your cell structure
- May decrease collagen production
- Can cause premature wrinkles.

Picture attached is from, where a women experimented with not removing make up for a month. Look how drastically it has changed! From flawless to irritated skin and deeper wrinkles! All credits to DailyMail UK.

2. Bye Bye Pimples 101. 
It really is a never ending battle. They are on my cheeks and I am determined to get rid of them.
From my last post Pimples vs Penny the pimples have been contained well, no spreading on my forehead and chin and nose are an all clear!
Now the efforts have been focus on ridding it off my cheek and thats it! (Fingers Crossed.
Here is what has been happening. Selfies are bare-faced and no filter was used.

          Left is Day 01 of pimple flare.                                  Right is Day 02 with pimples but less flare.

Did you know?
- Hydration is very important when you have pimples!
Drinking at least 1 litre of water per day, and coming home and putting on moisturiser and sheet masks as required. *Handy tip, when you sit down to watch tv, study or being lazy pop on a mask it only takes 2 mins!
- Do not touch your pimples. Don't let hair, fingers or anyone touch your face, more than likely those things are dirty and can inflame your pimples.

So here I am committed to my Bare Face Challenge, where I will have a better face canvas.
Not only will it allow make up to go on nicer, but it will in turn make me feel better and have more self-esteem to just walk out and have bare face on those lazy days.

Updated photos will be posted soon! Fingers crossed for better skin!


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