Oral-B 3D White Strips Reivew.

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As I write this post, I am looking slightly ridiculous - hair in a weird non-heat curly things, face with Etude House face mask and teeth with teeth whitening strips! This is multitasking to the extreme… but anyway…

Who doesn't want to smile and have gorgeous pearly white teeth, because I know I would love to!
Sometimes brushing and flossing just does not cut it, so I have been seeking a scoopon or a groupon to whitening my teeth, but of course my procrastination got the better of me and 1 year on, I still haven't tried teeth whitening.

I saw a few ads for Oral B, 3D White and decided to give it a go. Since it doesn't require me to drive to unknown suburbs (I am terrible with directions) or for me to take half a day off to go to the clinic I made a spontaneous purchase at Coles.

The Oral B 3D White consists of 14 Whitestrips, the box states that 14 treatments will visibly whiten teeth and results may be seen in five days. This packet is worth AUD $29.95 RRP.
The instructions tell you to use once in the morning and once at night, which means that 10 treatments will start to show results.
But for me, it is not plausible to have a treatment in the morning before work, and to be honest my teeth is not a horrible colour, they are at most a little tea stained coloured when I use the wrong shade of lipstick. So I have been using the treatments every night for half an hour (as per instructions) and amazingly I feel like my teeth have become less tea stained!

I love it because… 

- Super Simple and Convenient 
Previous at home teeth whitening kits I have involved making a mould of your teeth, and placing solution into the mould (like a mouth guard) and so on… it was a fiddly and took more time off my hands. This is so easy, peel off the plastic and place onto your teeth.

- Effective 
My teeth is not ridiculously stained or anything, but I feel like after I have used it once a day for 5 days straight that my teeth has become visibly less tea stained. It is super effective given its simplicity

- Affordable
RRP29.95 at my local super market (Coles & Woolies), includes 14 treatments (which is 24 strips - upper and lower)

I dislike it because…

- Sustainability is questionable 
I am not sure whether this is a longer term solution, or if it requires constant use to the product to sustain the results. This is probably just a concern I have at the moment and only time will be able to tell whether it will last longer than say  1 or 2 months. I guess it also depends on your lifestyle (smoking, coffee etc…)

For the time being, for me, it is an awesome quick solution to having brighter whiter teeth. Le bf aka superman has also purchased a pack today and is starting to use this as well. Of course he didn't believe me when I said it worked, it took overhearing Miss J commenting about how my teeth was visibly brighter before he starting the routine! haha

Keep Smiling All!! 


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  1. I wonder if sensitive teeth can use this too. I want to get whiter teeth :3 Btw, I'm a new follower! Let's keep in touch! xo

    1. It is a pretty weak solution I personally think! I have heard stories that teeth whitening at clinics are sometimes painful!
      You can give it a try if it is on sale, so even if it doesn't sit well with sensitive teeth you wouldn't have wasted too much money :P

      I would love to keep in touch! xoxo

  2. I've used the Crest 3D White Strips in the past and I really liked them! I should really try these Oral-B ones though. Thank you for posting this review ♥