H&M Arrives in Melbourne Australia!

5:24:00 PM

Yes, it is THE shopping trip B and I have been waiting for! There has been a lot of hype with H&M opening at Emporium. There are heaps of "Australia's First's" happening at Emporium and I am sure I am one of thousands of girls who are super excited for all of this to happen!
It makes Melbourne that much more awesome than it already is, and I can't wait to spend my weekends eating, shopping and chillin in the city at Emporium Australia.

H&M is located at the GPO with entrances at Bourke Street, Elizabeth Street and Little Bourke Street, however due to the overwhelming response from the fashionistas of Melbourne, Bourke Street is where you will find the queue into H&M.
I must say, there was a lot of dedication today, with B and I taking the bus at 8.10 and arriving in the city just before 9. The line was not too long, and the wait was bearable (we are really glad we didn't go on the first few days where the lines were massive!)

And so the shopping begins, some things weren't as affordable as I thought <insert poor student working part time story> however basic tops, bottoms and sportswear were extremely affordable. To be honest, taking a step back, a blazer for $50 to $60 is still within my acceptable range, but I am currently just feeling really poor.
My favourite was the H&M Home department (sucker for homeware stuff!) where we found #WhaleWithMoustache and #Panda soft toys. I loveeeeed it! Everyone needs a Whale with a Moustache! Hands down!

Our weekend shopping date showed a lot of restraint from B and I, we had a million pieces of clothing in our shopping bags which we tried on, but we made sure to try and view the pros and cons of the item prior to deciding to purchase them! 
Which is really what I would recommend to everyone, blindly purchasing because it is the "IN" thing today it not really smart on your pocket! However getting things here and there which you know you will love and use often is the key!

I wasn't aware H&M had sportswear, but I absolutely fell in love with their SPORT White Breathable tank top, EUR size S, $16.95 and also the DIVIDED Grey sleeveless tank top hooded dress, EUR size M, $19.95.  


Pictures of Items below. 

The H&M store was gorgeous, clean and absolutely freaking amazingly big and appealing. Their mens clothing is stylish and affordable, while the kids section is absolutely adorable. 
It is a huge store, and you would expect to spend at least an hour in there if you were dedicated to browsing and glancing through most racks. I must say that the human traffic in this store is amazing, and items will just fly off the rack, if you like it, and there is your size you should put it in your shopping bag first and then try it on after, or else, unfortunately you will be disappointed because most likely than not, if it is a nice piece of clothing, it won't be there when you come back after walking the entire store. 

After a satisfied shopping trip, we made our way down to Waffee, a new coffee and waffle joint on Swanston Street, and chilled while having our morning coffee. I love all these random niche stores popping up around the city, it just makes Melbourne that must more liveable with so much variety! 

It has been awhile since B and I had a solid day of indulgence (aka shopping and eating whatever the heck we want days), and the day was topped off by watching The Lego Movie with our other halves! 
All in all an amazing day! 

Have you been in H&M Melbourne yet? What do you think? 


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  2. In my town, we don't have H&M but I have been to stores in other states! For me, it's a little hit or miss-- sometimes the clothing is very nice and affordable; other times, the clothing is expensive and isn't particularly unique. I love many of the dresses they offer!

    I wish we had a waffle shop in my town, but all we have is Village Inn and IHOP lol :(


    1. I agree! H&M had things that were very Supre ( fast fashion - cheap but in style) while other pieces are Zara quality! I will have to keep an eye out for some of their dresses next time, I was so overwhelmed with the size of the store that I didn't get a chance to look at their dresses.
      Fingers crossed you will get H&M in your town too!

      I love all these little niche foodie shops :)
      btw whats IHOP? sounds cool haha

  3. Hey.. Im so J :(
    We dont have one here in India
    and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.
    following you..
    Mind following me back.. ??


    1. :O no way! I thought India had H&M already! Do you guys have Zara?

      Of course I would love to follow you!

      :) thank you for the lovely comment I really appreciate it!