The Cliche New Years Resolutions!

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This year, I have thought about this long and hard. A quarter century of living and I have decided these resolution have got to hold more meaning.

So after much thinking and listening to other peoples resolutions and watching other peoples resolutions on youtube. I have conducted my almighty list. 

And I am glad to say, so far so good. I have not broken my resolutions yet! 

My 2014. 

- Budgeting. Budgeting Budgeting. 
It is not how much you make. It is how much you save. 
Savers are winners! That is my new motto for the year, my group of friends are all approaching the quarter century mark as well and right now we are all moving into a new life stage; houses, weddings, families. All of which cost more money then we have ever had before. 

I spend the most on food and going out. Inspired by my friends, I have started a $150 per week budget for food and going out (including weekends). 
So far I have been within budget, and have found another additional funds to place into my high interest savings account. 

- Organisation is key! 
I have vowed to be an organisation guru this year! So cleaning, boxing, and putting things into the right places  is my newest plan. 
I have been trying to be good, if I take out a cardi to try on and but it doesn't match my mood/outfit then I will put it straight back on its coat hanger rather than cascading it over my bed and double handling.
2014 is a big year for PC Projects! The newest being to redecorate one of the very neglected living rooms downstairs; its so embarrassing, 5 years on and it still looks like a dump!!

- Healthy. Happy. Fit. 
So yes... every year I say I will loose weight, exercise more etc etc. However this year I feel like my mind has opened to other things rather than just being "skinny" or wanting the "thigh gap".
I want to be healthy, happy and fit. You can be skinny but extremely unhealthy. So I want to exercise at least half an hour everyday - small things, squats, planks, ab exercises - things I can do in my room. I will have better core muscles, and I don't feel like I am exercising at all.
I had put on a little bit of weight, nothing anyone could see, but I definitely felt it. I was feeling tired and inflexible just by being unhealthy, eating out, drinking sodas and alcohol regularly, and overall being a couch potato.
I really want to change that this year! And me and bestie Miss B have been going strong!
(aza aza 2 min planks, 3 sets of ab exercises x 4, sexy legs challenge tonight!!)

- Glowing Skin.
So as per my previous Pimple vs Penny post, my pimples have cleared soooo much! But acne scarring is still there; however I have been lazy with moisturising my body and now I am definitely paying the price.
Skin on my arms and legs look dry now (yuck. gross. I know.) So 2014 is a year of vigilance and routine! Clean face, clean hair. and then moisturise moisturise!!
Also, this summer has been particularly cruel, fluctuating Melbourne weather has left me with my first ever hay fever reaction. It is absolutely horrible! I get thick flaking dry skin just under the eye, sometimes if it is bad I cant really open my eyes and look like I am squinting.
So in 2014 I want to have consistently glowing skin! What is nice is that staying fit will also help with having glowing skin! win win. Love it.

- New Job. 
A lot of my resolutions include changing certain pre-existing behaviours for self improvement. However this one is the closest to heart. A year ago i made the hard decision to quit my very steady, very good paying full time job in pursuit of the unknown - because I didn't feel 100% happy nor did I feel like I could spend the remaining working career doing that particular job. There was nothing bad about the job, but it just wasn't for me.
I am now part time working, one day a week volunteering at World Vision and the rest of my days are spent completing my Masters degree. It is fulfilling, but it is also easy to get so comfortable with what is happening.
So my goal for 2014 is to get a new job, stepping out of my comfort zone and hopefully closer towards working in HR, or being an ombudsman.

This year I have applied the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) method. 
Good Luck Everyone! 

What are your New Years Resolutions? 


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