A Day In the Sky.

4:19:00 AM

I spent a wonderful day with Superman in the sky recently, as part of his Christmas present I purchased a trial flying lesson at Moorabbin Airport with Soar Aviation. 

He has always wanted to fly a small aircraft, and I decided that this was one thing I would like to tick off my bucket list, so we headed off on a sunny Melbourne Friday - nervous, excited and with butterflies in our stomachs! 

We arrived at 10am at Soar Aviation and was greeted by reception, it was smaller than I had expected, but the feeling was so surreal. The person who flew before us, was a young boy aged 16, and he was clocking his hours for his license - later on we found out from the instructors there that he was the son of Cole's CEO; and another tall kind looking man who was there was his father. 

It was such a beautiful day, although our instructor was late because of a car accident it definitely did not dampen my spirits! An instructor sat us down and explained some of the mechanics of flying an aircraft in preparation for the flight. When Micky arrived he took me to the small aircraft. I flew a Jabiru small aircraft, capable of taking two adults. 

I must say, I must have looked quite silly to Micky. I have never been in a small aircraft or investigated how it worked or functions, so of course I followed him to his side of the door to try to get in, couldn't open the door, couldn't close the door, couldn't do up my seatbelt etc etc etc. We made our way to the runway and took off. 
And the feeling is amazing. No words can describe the freedom in flight. The beautiful scenery that accompanied being 2200 metres above ground. The beauty of the shoreline extending across the horizon, the breeze of fresh air that comes from outside. Micky turned out to be a pretty awesome guy, he laughed, chatted, spoke about planes and aircrafts! 

I got to control the aircraft once we were in training airspace, completed tasks such as flying straight, checking for traffic, turning, descending, ensuring the aircraft maintained in balance. Simple things everyone can complete, but allowing you to have a window of opportunity to experience flying and being a bird in the sky. 

All in all I absolutely loved the experience and am in the midst of organising my schedule for 2014 to include flying lessons. 
I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year! And that everyone puckers up the bravery to complete something they never thought they would or could complete in 2014! 

Wishing All A Wonderful 2014 To Come! 
Filled with Happiness and Smiles! 


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