Review - Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Collection

4:19:00 AM

This is a little embarrassing, I received this gift nearly a year ago from a good friend. Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners Hand Care Collection looked so nice and perfect in its box that I never took it out of its metal picnic tin! 

But my Jurlique Rose Hand Cream was running low and I decided to give it a go. I had never previously used Crabtree & Evelyn before, so apart from expecting the hand cream to smell quite unique and strong I had no idea what to expect. 

The pack included the Gardeners Hand Therapy 100g, Gardeners Nail & Cuticle Therapy 15g, Gardeners Age Defying Hand Remedy 25ml and Gardeners Hand Scrub with Pumice 195g. Underneath the top layer is a set of gardeners gloves, and a spade and mini pitch fork(?); I don't do much gardening so I am not sure that they are! How embarrassing! oops. 

As you can see in the picture I have used the Gardeners Hand Therapy 100g alot, I don't mind carrying around that size in my hand bag, and it works wonders. Initially I was abit confused, not quite sure what the different between the Hand Therapy and Hand Remedy was. The Crabtree & Evelyn website recommended apply the Hand Therapy and then the Hand Remedy to compliment. 
Upon further investigation, I found that the Hand Therapy was meant to rehydrate, while Hand Remedy was meant to combat signs of ageing by ensuring plump firm skin. 
On a daily basis I find using the normal Hand Therapy is enough to ensure smooth skin, however at night, when I am at home reading blogs/typing blogs I like to apply the Gardener Hand Remedy - after all I believe your hands will give away your age when you get older! 

Once a week, I squirt a line of Gardeners Nail & Cuticle Therapy across my fingernails and ensure my nails and cuticles also get some attention. I like to change my nail polish colour regularly because I love having different colours on my fingers while I am at work, reminding me of all the fun things outside of work! By using nail polish removers so much, cuticles start to get dry and nails extremely unhealthy, so this is just a simple way to ensure my cuticles don't show my age! 

As for the Gardeners Hand Scrub with Pumice, I confess I have only used it once, because I never feel the need to really scrub my hands; to be honest my hands hardly ever get extremely dirty, not at work in an office job, not when I am home either. However in that one time I used it, I thought it was surprisingly refreshing and make be feel so clean and hands so smooth! I will definitely make an effort to utilise this more. 

All in all I am glad that I finally opened the pack and started using the goodies inside, however I must say that when I first smelt the creams I found it quite overwhelming, and overpowering. I don't generally use creams or gels that have a mixture of herbs and smells, as I like things to be simple - ie. like rose hand cream, one smell - but once my nose got used to the mixture of chamomile and shea butter, I couldn't resist it!

I liked it so much I went to Crabtree & Evelyn on Boxing Day and purchased a gazillion mini Gardeners Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Gel at AUD$4 a pop. 
And I must say, this is a life saver, I sometimes have to touch money, and shake customers hands at work, and there is no better peace of mind then to use an antibacterial that smells nice and rids of nasty germs. 

Wishing everyone wrinkle-free, age-defying, moisturised hands!!

Have you used any Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Care products? 


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