Summer Ombré

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Melbournians finally got a small sweet taste of summer. Hot Sun. Blue Skies. Amazingly beautiful days! 

And summer always makes me want to dye my hair lighter, because it makes me feel light, happy and for some odd reason less hot?! I didn't really want to dye my full head of hair, because my hair grows quite fast and regrowth happens almost instantly. So I decided Ombré was the way to go. 

I purchased the L'Oreal Wild Ombré kit from Priceline while it was 30% off, AUD $14.75 after discount (however I heard from B that it was only AUD$10 at Target... after I did my hair)
I went for a lighter colour to what I actually wanted as my hair is a stubborn jet black. 
The kit is easy to use, simple three step process to get the concoction ready for dying. 

The L'Oreal Wild Ombré does contain bleach (silver packet) and therefore when you are doing DIY you must read the instructions carefully and take all safety precautions to protect your skin and eyes. 

What I love about this kit, is that it is soooo simple. Reminds me of the Dummies books, this is literally Ombré for Dummies. If you require additional inspiration pop on youtube and there are plenty of instructions and tutorials on how to DIY Ombré. The video I used for my personal reference is the one from the L'Oreal Paris NYC account on youtube. 

I put on an old tee, parted my hair from the middle, and then portion my hair into sections and clipped the top couple of layers. 
It comes with an amazing application brush that makes it super easy, I applied the mixture onto my hair and applied it to my hair using a vertical motion. 
I chose to apply in a vertical motion as I did not wish to have a dead straight line from where the lighter colours started, my aim was for it to be as natural as possible, with the bottom being the lightest, and for the middle to just transform nicely into the lighter colour. 

If you believe you have stubborn hard to colour hair, or you wish to have a lighter shade, leave the mixture in your hair for a longer length of time and/or sit under your bathroom heated lights to encourage the mixture. However, the L'Oreal Wild Ombré kit contains bleach powder so your hair will get lighter! 
You may check the progress of your bleaching by taking a section of hair, washing the mixture off, if the colour presented is as you wish, go ahead and wash it all off. If not, leave it on for abit longer under you get your desired look. 

Because it is bleaching, I did find that the ends of my hair were dryer than usual, and also quite prone to knotting. So I have been taking extra special care of my hair.

What do you thinkg of Ombré hair? 


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  1. I love ombre hair!! The ombre effect looks amazing on you~

    1. Thank You!!
      I love ombre because it makes me feel sassy and as if I put effort into my hair even when im in trackies!

      thank you for your comment. :)

  2. Does it work on virgin black hair?? Btw, that colour suits you very well. ^.^

    1. yes! it definitely works on virgin black hair, bleach are generally oxidising agents and work to break up and change molecules in your hair so that it either has no colour or it reflects colour outside of the visible spectrum.
      And thats the beauty of the kit, the longer you have the solution in your hair the lighter it will become. So you are under full control while ombre-ing black hair!
      Thanks very much, i monitored mine every ten minutes by washing a very small portion of the tips of my hair to see how blonde it went!
      Thanks for your comment

  3. I recently got my hair ombre'd too and I love it!! Looks amazing on you hun!

    1. wow thats awesome! Did you do the blonde ombre as well? Or did you go for other colours?

      Thank you! i defs cant live without my ombre now! Love the feeling of looking like i put effort in my hair!

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