My December. My Surprise.

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I love the hustle and bustle of December, and it also brings to me reflect what I have done and achieved as my birthday approaches just before Christmas.
My Superman (aka man in my life aka le bf) organised for a surprise dinner for me prior to my birthday, and I was so overwhelmed with feeling like a princess. I normally hate surprises but this was an exception and so much fun!

He was a little sneaky, told me to wear a long dress, and then when I was purchasing the dress he came into Forever New with me (he never walks into such girlie stores!) and saw the colour of my dress so we ended up kinda matching on the night!

This is a snapshot of what I wore that night.

My Birthday Surprise

He was a little upset because two days before the surprise he accidentally mentioned "tram" and so I had guessed we were gong on the iconic Colonial Tramcar Restaurant in Melbourne. 
I had a really good time, the waiter and chef were friendly, and when I arrived at the table there was a red rose waiting for me at the table. 
The food was nice, and the atmosphere was fantastic! From 8.30pm to 11.00pm we cruised through the streets of Melbourne in style, including the beautiful beach view at St Kilda and a stop off at Albert Park for pictures. When they served the fifth course, desserts the chef came out with a candle and started singing Happy Birthday, I was shocked and a little awkward! I never know what to do when people start singing for me! But thank you for everyone on the tram who sang for me!

All in all I had such a wonderful birthday dinner! Thank You Superman for a lovely unforgettable night!  I am excited for my birthday day to come this Sunday 22nd December! 


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  1. Nawww, that's so sweet of your bf! You look lovely in your dress =) Happy Belated Bday!

  2. aww thanks! it was super sweet of him! Going to have to top that for his bday soon! haha