Water 101

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Do you drink 8 glasses of water per day?  I am definitely guilty of not always drinking enough water; and I am sure (just from observations of my work colleagues) that a lot of people are neglecting this very important aspect of our lives - staying hydrated

Here is the              101 on Water...

Water is an essential part of life, filled with minerals and electrolytes. It carries nutrients and materials such as blood cells around the body. 
Humans lack the capacity to retain water as storage and therefore it is essential to consume water regularly and throughout the day. When your body is dehydrated, it causes deposits of toxic sediments in the tissue spaces, joints, kidneys, liver, brain and skin!

There are varying views on whether water can give your skin an "instant glow"; and personally I believe that we aren't plants and we do not 'perk' up instantly with glowing skin when we drink water. 
However, staying hydrated each day, has in the past helped in clearing pimples/acne and dryness on my skin. 
That's because water oxygenates your blood and flushes toxins 
This ensures your body functions adequately, water removes toxins from your kidney, allowing cells to take nutrition and expel waste. If there is a lack of water, then waste will collect and your immune system will work less effectively. 
Water enables toxins and waste to be expelled, hence you get better looking skin

Back in my first high school year (?) apart from a bottle of yakult a day and the occasional juice, I wouldn't have more than 1 to 2 cups of water per day; and my body reacted to it - it simply was not enough to enable my body to function. 
So it decided to protect the vitals and my body slowly shut down, there was an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in my nervous system, and one day I woke up and my smile was abit crooked. As if one side of the face lifted higher then the other, I ignored it and day two saw that there was a massive imbalance in my features - when I smiled one side would go up in a big grin and the other corner of my smile was a humble weak movement. By day three, it was pretty obvious, the nerves on the left side of my face were not working, muscles weren't receiving the instructions from my brain to move.  I literally had one functioning sided face, and one non-reactive face! 
And everyone, this was all because i did not consume water. Toxins could not be removed from my body, and the nervous system was the first to be shut. Of course, my mum noticed, took me to the doctors, gave me meds and strict instructions to consume water. Not liquids as in coke, juices etc... but water - H2O.
Now I swear by drinking water no matter how "busy" and how "little time" I have in my day. As you have probably seen in my previous post, I haul around the Voss 800ml glass bottle everywhere I go. 

And everyone at work have been the victim of my nagging, telling them to drink more water - but it is really important! 
Not just for radiant skin, but to stay healthy and hydrated! You cannot look beautiful when you are sick, or when your kidney doesn't have a chance to do its job, or when your face is feeling dry skin because you are dehydrated. Make water your best friend! 

Drink Up Guys! 


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  1. The first time i heard about voss was when i was watching grown ups. lol.


    1. haha really?
      its in Australian super markets everywhere now! A little over priced though :P