Up Up and Away! (Pic Heavy)

4:42:00 AM

It has been so long that I actually don't know where to start.
I have since travelled across the globe to USA with friends, visited my second home in Hong Kong with family, and moved upstairs to another position within the bank. Life, I must say. It quite spectacular right now.

I loved Disneyland in LA, riding a bicycle through Central Park with Superman and friends and having my first helicopter experience to the Grand Canyon in Vegas. There is just so much about the trip that was absolutely unforgettable.
They say travelling changes you, and that people catch the travel bug and never want to come back! But for me, as much as I loved travelling, I missed my family, my zero bb, my friends and maybe the excitement of a new job position at work made me miss home! Superman and I are such family people at heart, as amazing as travelling is, home is where the family is. And to be honest, I was so glad that he felt the same way - I can tell we will get along just fine (haha).

So here we go…

*had to put this in… yes it is a Benefit vending machine at the Vegas airport O-M-G.

There are way too many pictures to upload onto this blog (3000+ to be exact), but I think the ones I uploaded all contained something that makes me smile every time I look back at them! Of course, when you go to the USA and HK there will definitely be lots of shopping! So next post will be a USA and HK haul post.

Life, if I don't say so myself, is absolutely amazing!


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