Phillips VisaPure Facial Cleanser (SC5275/10) Review

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I love when technology meets the beauty world. I am so excited to write this review as I have a huge success story to go with it!

The Market 
The facial cleansing "machines//gadgets"market leader is definitely the line of Clarisonic products. I would imagine it holds huge market share due to being the first company to release this.

However, with all things technology related, as time passes and competition increases, there will be duplicates and innovations by other companies looking to enter the market; a simple google search will uncover the market to now have Clarisonic, Olay, Proactive, Neutrogena Wave and Phillips VisaPure. From budget alternatives such as Olay, Neutrogena Wave and Proactive, while you have the Clarisonic and Phillips VisaPure on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

After weeks of research (cause it's expensive!!) I settled on purchasing the Phillips VisaPure after watching a couple of Hong Kong vloggers rave on about it! It is super unfair that Asia always get the good stuff before us, but at last - Phillips VisaPure was released in Australia October 2013.

The Phillips VisaPure Facial Cleanser (SC5275/10) - AUD $149.95 Shaver Shop Doncaster

I purchased the "pink" model as I received a AUD $50 discount, making it the same price as the lower one speed model.
A week and a half on - I cannot live without my Phillips VisaPure!

The Claims
- The brush vibrates and rotates, pulsating to break up surface dirt, dead skin and make-up residues.
- 1 minute timer to avoid over clean
- Entirely waterproof, brush and machine
- Comes with a charging stand
- 6 hours of charge, 30 minutes use (thus = 30 days without charging technically)

I Love It Because... 

- Improved Complexion and Reduced Pimples
My pimples went from large, sore, red and constantly reoccurring pimples, to drastically reduced flattened pimples; signs that the pimples will sizzle and disappear. I have been using this for a week, and this type of result is amazing, I have confidence with the routine I wrote about in the last post, and the additional help with cleaning off make up, I can definitely rid my face of unsightly pimples!!

- It cleans off dead skin! 
I have been using Vichy Laboratories, Normaderm Hyaluspot, which aims to dry out the pimples and eventually kill it.
Therefore my face had flaky dry skin pieces falling off, making putting on foundation impossible due to the flakiness. The Phillips Visapure managed to slowly remove all the dead skin off my faee over the course of a week and now I have nearly completely ridded my face of the dry flakiness.

- It comes with two brush heads. Sensitive. Normal. It has two pulsating options. Gentle. Deep. 
I love options. So having two brush heads and two pulsating options is perfect for me.
I have never washed my face so rigorous before, I use the gentle brush and the gentle option in the morning, the gentle brush and deep option after work when I have to ensure all the make-up is taken off my face.
P.S I like the design of the brush because it is smaller then the large brush heads that have saturated the market, it reaches places like sides of the nose so much better!

- It is waterproof. 
So I am a clutz. So being entirely waterproof means I don't have to worry about dropping it in my face washing basin that is filled with water.

- Excellent Battery Life. 
I have heard not-so-positive things about the battery life of the Clarisonic, and also the budget facial cleansers such as Olay, Neutrogena Wave and Proactive all use AA batteries.
I love that I do not have to worry about the Phillip Visapure, I just come home and I clean off all my make up.

- My own face wash works on the Phillips VisaPure. 
So after reading MsBerryStylish's comment, I realised I had forgotten to touch on this point. The Phillips VisaPure has really researched into this market prior to producing the VisaPure because it allows you to use your own favourite face wash with its product.
Could possibly be because Phillips is dominantly a small appliances and electronics company, and thus creating their own face washes to go with the gadget is out of their scope of business.

- Replacement heads are cheap. 
Prior to purchase I did consider the future cots that I may incur from the purchase, this included upkeep costs of repurchasing replacement brush heads.
The Phillips brush heads don't go past AUD$20 a pop, quite good considering the brush will only hygienically last for maximum of three months!

Do any of you use facial cleansing gadgets? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I use the Neutrogena wave and dislike it because I cannot add my own cleanser. While on the other hand, the Clarisonic is good but it's extremely expensive! Thank you so much for this review because I've been on the hunt for a new facial cleanser.
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

    1. Hi Thanks for the Comment!
      I actually forgot to speak about the fact that with the Phillips VisaPure you can use your own cleanser! haha thanks for the mental trigger, I have linked your blog to my post since you were the inspiration to write about that section!
      And I agree the Clarisonic is expensive! Do you own a Clarisonic at the moment?

  2. I have the Clarisonic Aria and the battery life is really meh. It claims to have over 20 minutes of use per charge but the battery runs out after 14 uses. It seems to get worse with time too >-< The brush stand of this Philips one looks better too! Since the brush head is not exposed when you put it in the the stand.

  3. oh really? thats terrible! Does the clarisonic also time how long it vibrates for?
    yea the phillips is good, you actually have to detach the brush prior to putting it in the stand, but that is ok because they give you a mini brush holder to let the brush dry in.
    Usually the brush dries by the next use!