Best Friends make the Best of Situations

8:49:00 PM

I love my best friend Miss B.
It was literally love at first sight - well kind of. Once we started to know each other we knew we were perfect for each other!
We think similar, have the same logic, have the same ethics, have the same sense of humour and sometimes even accidentally finish each others sentences.

Sometimes life gets in the way and it feels like ages since we last caught up or properly spoken to each other, but when we do meet we pick up where we left off like we were never separated.
I am so happy. lucky. blessed. to have such a beautiful best friend by my side as support no matter what I am going through.

Our girls pamper weekend for three turned out to be just me and Miss B. Life happens we understand and we hope Bahar feels better soon and good luck with her new job!
After a little bit of panic over brunch, we pulled ourselves together and made our way to the Hilton. And luck was on our side! The weather was beautiful, our room had an amazing view and best of her I had fabulous company (which was wink wink very romantic!) haha
Even my suddenly pimpley and itchy i-swear-i-dont-have-hayfever face could not dampen my spirits!

Best friends forever and ever and ever miss B! 
Love you! 


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  1. Aww you guys are such cute Best Friends ^_^
    So sweet that you two have so much in common~~

    1. haha thanks FiFi!!
      Absolutely love her soo much! So blessed to have good people in my life! ^^

  2. You guys are so adorable! I can not even see any of your breakouts lady! You look as gorgeous as ever! :)

    1. Awww thanks Mizu!
      Concealer and Foundation! Best combo ever!