I Heart Marc Jacobs.

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My recent new addiction is the Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume.
I was never a perfume type of girl, because my mum never used perfume or put on make up. So while growing up, these two things were a little bit of a mystery and also consider a non-essential item in my life.
Of course, when I started going to uni and work I discovered how much I love both perfumes and make up.
My previous favourite was the DKNY Apple, it was a nice light fruity scent that was gifted to me at Christmas by my best friend Bec and uni friend Momoko. And coincidentally, these two girls also gifted me the Marc Jacobs Daisy late last year! You can say these girls made me love perfume!

I am always just a tad slow with the trends and the most recent items to be released, I don't really chase their happenings religiously. But, I really love Marc Jacobs as a brand, because it is simple and chic. And now I have really learnt to appreciate fresh, clean, simplistic designs and scents.

My other lovely best friend Jess also got me Marc Jacobs earrings. Silly me, did not even realised that jewellery from Marc Jacobs even existed!
Thank You all my girls for the amazing and beautiful presents!

 So recently I have been hunting down Marc Jacobs related products, and saw on catchoftheday watches on sale! And I really must say I fell in love with this watch (picture below) and it was at discounted prices cause it was on catch of the day! Unfortunately when I clicked in I saw that my favourite one had been sold out already!
I am a little devastated about missing out on this gorgeous bargain because every website I found were charging at least $200+ not including shipping. But on catch of the day it was only $160-$170 ish from memory?

 I am not a person who has to wear a watche, but I think I should start wearing one and rely on my iphone less. I love the simplicity and elegance of the design. Moreover black and gold is really starting to become my two new favourite colours!

To buy or not to buy?

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