Happy Belated Easter!

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After another amazing trip back to Hong Kong to celebrate my Grandma's 88th Birthday, I arrived back home in Melbourne on a Sunday.
I find that everytime I travel and experience something new, something exciting; my point of view in all aspects of life change.
And I think the biggest take back from this trip is definately to do what you love, and love what you do. There is a always a beautiful mysterious aura around people who enjoy their work and wake up excited every morning to do what they gotta do! And to be honest that is just what I needed. I am sure everyone has experienced feeling a little lost, not brave enough to try something new and let other opportunties slide.
But I think, this time, this time I am ready to place down steady and jump towards those exciting opportunities and see where they take me.
Like my best friend Miss B tells me, you never know, the grass can be much greener on the other side, or maybe it wont be. But at least you know at the end of it which side is actually greener. It is so true, and I love it!

Anyway, I must say, Gosh! How much I hate the first Monday morning back to work. Embarassingly I must admit, my brain was still in holiday mode that first morning back and I couldnt remember how to open the security back doors to get to the back room!
However I shouldn't complain since I was very lucky to have the easter weekend immediately after which slightly eased the pain.

Since it was Easter, I decided to break into the packaging of some bunnies! And no, I don't mean breaking into the chocolate easter bunny wrappings!
I am actually talking about the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. They are adorable to carry around, and inexpensive.
I purchased three of this lip balms from South Korea, Myeong Dong last November when I went with my bf and friends, each was W4900, approximately AUD$4.90. I like how the product itself is slim and light, but more importantly I love the colors.
It is very moisturising, and if you repeatedly (say two to three times) reapply the lip balm the color does intensify; and you can easier go from a normal everyday lip balm, to changing it up abit for some after work drinks or dinner with friends.


Goes to show, at Easter Bunnies don't neccessarily have to come in the form of chocolate!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter public holidays and returned to work energised and relaxed.
I have come back excited! Hong Kong and Beijing happy snaps to come soon, once the camera is back in my possession.

Let me tell you secretly, something amazing is brewing in Pebble's life at the moment. Will definately show and tell once the time is right!

Pebble Penn

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