My New Project.

4:57:00 AM

Penn Cheng @ Skachi Creations.

I have taken up my first official project.
PC's Photo- booth!

I believe photos are very important, to capture the moment for future reminiscing purposes. A picture tells a thousand words, and sometimes a photo creates unimaginable impact and emotion.
Lovely Rosie, my very first direct manager at the Glen Waverley CBA is retiring.
I am so thankful for this beautiful lady with the biggest heart, she taught me all I knew about being a teller, and is the a very wise and loved lady.

And it is a funny thing, we begin as strangers, however we see each other the same if not more than family and friends. Rosie has definitely been the mum of the branch, there to listen, nurture and provide security for us in times of panic!

I truly wish her all the best, and I wanted to let her know, just how much everyone appreciates her presence and her work.
I thought of the idea of a photo book, to reflect and create a memory for her; for her to always remember the good things about work.

Here is a Sneak Peak.


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