Annie's Way Jelly Mask Review

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It is a boiling hot in Australia today at a whopping 41 degrees celsius!
With weather like this where just sitting in your chair makes you sweat it is so easy to get clogged pores and blackheads. Because of this my pimple battle continues!

Annie's Way! Jelly Masks!
I purchased this early this year in Feb when I made a trip to hong kong, when I first saw Hana Tam's youtube video I have been trying to get my hands on these jelly masks for what feels like an eternity!
I ended up purchasing this in City Super HK, these two products were featured as part of my Hong Kong and America Haul.

Annie's Way  is a Taiwanese Brand, the brand prides itself on natural ingredients and was one of the most demanded face masks in Asia.

The girl who served me at City Super HK  had super incredible skin, and she told me she used different Annie's Way Jelly Masks in accordance to the weather, how her skin was etc etc.
Finally I chose three tubs, Snail Repair Jelly Mask, Aloe Anti-Acne Jelly Mask and Calendula Softening Jelly Mask. The three masks mentioned all aim at young sensitive (sometimes) pimple prone skin. However they have other variants to whiten, cleanse, repair etc etc…

I had not initially chosen these, however after she took a look at my skin she suggested masks that controlled oil and reduced redness and sensitivity in the skin.
I must add, I had initially chosen more expensive Annie's Way products from her counter, but despite probably having a sales target, she was honest in telling me that the cheaper options were probably more suited to my skin type. So straight away I felt like this product had instilled excellent morals in their brand and also their staff.

Due to its recent increase in popularity there has also been fake jelly masks available on the market, to combat this Annie's Way products all have seals on the plastic tub to ensure that no one has opened the jar in the store; furthermore when you take off the lid there is a plastic separator to prevent spillages.

It is recommended that once the tub has been open that the jelly mask should be used up in 3 months time due to health and safety reasons (ie. prevent product turning off, sustain its correct properties).
However, there is such a generous amount of produce tin the tub, you really have to be diligent with your face masks to be able to finish the entire tub within 3 months.  It comes with a Spatula to remove product from tub without contamination, and assist with putting product around the nose and eyes nicely.

I would recommend using the mask on only for a short period of time the first two or three times using this product, due to the nature of the ingredients it generally leaves the skin red if you leave it on for the standard recommended 30 minutes.
A shorter time frame allows for your skin to get use to the product, and gives you an opportunity to confirm that you do not have a reaction to the product.
Of course, as usually I got too excited and left the mask on for 30 minutes - for "optimum " results, however that was a bad move, because my face had little red patches all over - although it subsided quite quickly, a product should never irritate your skin to the point where you see redness, patches or blotchiness.

However I am happy to say, on my second masking session (20 mins) I had no issues at all with the product. I have now incorporated the mask into my daily shower routine, I remove my make up with Bioderma, wipe with a face cloth and put on the Annie's Way Jelly Mask and hop in the shower. I find the steam in the bathroom, really assists the masks and in opening up the pores. And after I finish showering I scrap off the mask with the spatula. 

I can never see physical black heads being removed from the scrapping or the mask, however I find that it sucks up the black and white head (especially around the nose), and if you are diligent with the masking, after a period of time (2 to 3 weeks) the nose area starts to clear up dramatically.

This typically reminds me of the Hanaka Charcoal Mask I reviewed back in Novemeber 2013. It is a product that produces excellent results with repeated use of the product, rather then it being a one hit wonder!

Have you used any Annie's Ways Products? 


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  1. I've been waiting to try this since bubzbeauty mentioned it. But I can't find it.

    1. It's available on Yesstyle Australia now! I think it may possibly be 10% off at the moment ! I would suggest reading the recommendations of each mask - because from memory some are suitable for matured skin and things like that!

      Your blog looks so chic! I love it!

  2. I've tried Annie's way's masks too from YesStyle! I didn't see much of a difference on my skin but I'm glad it worked on you :))


    1. I find its very gradual, I probably used it a good month and a half prior to this post to start seeing the blackheads reduce on my nose!
      I am glad it worked too Fifi! I brought 3 tubs in total in HK! Would be such a waste if it didn't work

  3. awhh I love masks! the first two seem very interesting. Especially the packaging. and nice review btw ^^ ~

    A C Y H O Z - blog


    1. Thanks Acyhoz! I agree! The packaging is adorable!

  4. I've heard from them,too! I didn't know whether I should order one or not lol You did an honest review! :) - Btw I fell in love with your blog! I'm definitely a new fan c:
    Much love, Jenny xx

    1. Thank You! I think its a nice mask to have if you don't currently have a mild go to mask - since it is relatively cheap for the amount of product you receive.

      Thanks for the compliment Jenny! Will keep an eye out for your blog :)

  5. Oh, it sounds like a great product! I've never heard of jelly masks or the Annie's Way line. I'm totally interested!
    Celestial Star

    1. I have used any other products in the Annie's Way line, but the masks got super popular last year and it was the biggest craze in Taiwan!
      Should definitely try it out!

  6. Its a super cool product, love how is works slowly and not too harshly!

  7. I'd love to try these! Especially the aloe and calendula ones. Jelly masks are perfect for summer, although sadly it's in the middle of winter currently in Canada haha :)


    1. Hi Suzy! There are heaps of different jelly masks in this line by Annies Way. Some perfect for winter :) You should give them a go!!