The Face Shop CC Cream Review! (My New Favourite!!)

3:29:00 AM

I have been in search for a lighter alternative to foundation for quite awhile, with my new day and night facial routine I really wanted to give my face abit of breathing space while still looking professional at work.

I received a sample packet of CC Cream - Aura Color Control Cream from The Face Shop.
It smelt nice, the coverage was light but enough and moreover it didn't dry my face out at the end of the day! So after finishing the sample packet I decided to go back to the Emporium and purchased the full size product.

The design of the liquid CC Cream package is very hygienic and easy to carry around. It has a one press design with a small amount of CC cream that comes out. It comes with hand held mirror in the lid and sponge applicator.
However I haven't used the sponge to date, I generally press a small amount for application and use my foundation brush for a smoother application. I would however look to use the sponge if I was out and in need of a top up.

I have only ever use The Face Shop cleansers and face creams and never anything associated with make up.
The coverage of the CC Cream is light - enough to cover light pimple marks and dark circles under the eyes, and one application lasts for a good day. However I would recommend the application of pressed powder as this is not a foundation it is colour corrector. I find on very hot days it does disappear (although I find my face generally eats make up during the day), so translucent finishing powder and a top up late afternoon is more than enough.

I use less than the size of a pea for entire application on my face using a foundation brush, and carry the compact in my bag in case of unforeseen meetings where i have to look refreshed and professional.
If you are looking for something that is not a foundation but still provides light cover and corrects the colour on the skin, I would try The Face Shop CC Cream.

I am really loving my new find and this way I can have light make up on my face for everyday work. The best part is it comes with an applicator so that if I require small touchups during the day it is not an issue! 

I have been using this for approximately 3 weeks now, and depending on how many more times I can use the compact, I think the cost of the product is ok. 

Who else uses CC Cream instead of Foundation everyday


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  1. I've wanted to get this product for a while, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for your great review! :) I think that I will get it soon, after I use my bb cushion!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Yes! This product is amazing, a month on I still absolutely love it!!
    It is also good as a base, if you would like your foundation to have some sort of longevity! I definitely recommend this product!

  3. I've never used any of this brand, but I think I have a couple of stored samples of some of their products. Good that you liked so much this CC cream. Thank for the review!

    Dreamy sakura ~