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Feet care is not really my top priority - ever. However after my trip to Groom Spa this valentines (you can read here) and getting a pedicure I was looking at options for products to DIY at home!

So while my parentals were in Japan, I got them to buy me back some Feet Mask options from the pharmacies there so I could have a try of it myself! I didn't really have a brand in mind, but just asked my mum to look for something that will soften the feet and moisturise it. 

I received the Ashiura Ran Run Feet Mask from my parentals around a month ago, but unfortunately have not had the time till recently to try it out. I must say - it was interesting. 
Firstly, because it wasn't a sheet mask for the feet, it came with two feet shaped sealed plastic bags with liquid in it. 
Secondly, I had expected more than one set in the box, but it turned out the two packs were for the left and right feet.

Although the box is written in Japanese there are clear pictures for instructions to show you what is meant to happen.  After opening the foil packet to reveal the clear sealed plastic feet shaped bags, you can go ahead and cut off the top. You are creating the area in which your feet is placed into the bag. 
Upon opening the bag, you will smell a strong chemical aroma - reminded me of whiteboard markers. 
You are provided with stickers to seal the bag around your feet to ensure you can still move around and prevent leakages of the liquid. It was actually quite hilarious to put on and wear, I even sent a pic to my bestie telling her I got new "glass slippers" - she was confused, horrified and then realised they weren't really shoes. 
After 40 mins in these bags, it is time to migrate to your bathroom where you can give your feet a wash. Wash off all the liquid and chemicals and you are done for the day. Nothing happens straight away. 
When I went for a pedicure, the mask that they put on my feet instantly made my heels softer and feet more supple; so I had assumed that this would do the same. Prepared to be disappointed if you are impatient like me, because it was then that I decided I really needed to read the box again. 
As per instructions in approximately 5 to 7 days the skin on your feet with shed, and by around 2 weeks time you will have baby soft supple feet.

I waited and waited and waited and nothing happened. I decided it was a write off straight away, dud product with no results. But the next day I woke up, and my entire sole of my feet was peeling skin. Imagine spending 5 hours in the sun with no sunscreen, the look of your peeling skin the next day minus the pain. That was what it looked like. I have attached the photos below. 
This went on for the next day, and I am so thankful that it is currently winter in Melbourne where socks and stockings are a must! Because I could not imagine walking in sandals in that condition! As the days progressed, different parts of my feet started peeling, revealing very supple smooth skin underneath.
I could not stand it any more, so on day 3 of the peeling I took some time to give me feet a gentle scrub to rid of the skin and voilaaa! I am the proud owners of healthy smooth feet!

Here is a Warning to those who are disgusted by feet, dry skin, shedding skin, gross things etc etc. 
I highly recommend that you do not click the link to see the picture of my feet during this process. I generally have a high tolerance of these things… but… 
It. Is. Disgusting. - Not for the faint hearted!

Click HERE if you would like to see the in-progress picture of my feet. 

What do you do to keep your feet soft and smooth?


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  1. awh when i clicked on the link my first thought was: omg poor foot :( I'm actually not a big fan of feet masks because i like the scubbing and polishing method. my next step is using lavender oil and then giving my feet a hot mint bad. :D *but i don't do this that often, actually once a year lol*

    A C Y H O Z - blog

    1. Yes my poor feet! I felt horrible and so grossed out when it was happening!
      ooo lavender oil bath sounds like a great idea! Might try that next!

      thanks for visiting :)

  2. I've tried the holika holika foot mask and it felt really weird since I hardly took care of my feet! I had to get it since I was travelling at that time and my feet were so dry and flaky xD

    1. I haven't tried any other foot masks! Do you recommend it?
      I was lucky I did this in winter, I can't imagine wearing sandals while it was flaky!! :O

      I read a small part of your blog - really like the idea of detox water :) Going to try it at work tomorrow!

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I have heard of feet masks, but this is rather a strange one lol! XD It's a bit gross, but do you think that this is worth to buy?

    1. it was solo strange! Nothing happened for a good 5 days and then bam! flaky and peely - extremely grossed out!
      I think its great if you want to do a once off Its relatively cheap (if purchased online) and its good for a once off peel and refresher maybe twice a year! My feet is still baby smooth even after 2 weeks now!

      Thanks for visiting Jenny!

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  5. This is so hilarious! I want to try it out! Hahaha <3

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*